Bloomburg chat rooms

Bloomberg is reportedly unbundling chat services from its desktop terminal subscriptions, instead charging clients a flat $10 a month per user in an effort to combat the threat posed by messaging. Under normal conditions, chat room participants are only identified by a generic bloomberg name, like “member 12345” as such, participants feel they can speak candidly about companies in the sector — and on just about any other subject matter. The more than 320,000 traders, investors, and other market participants with a bloomberg terminal use instant bloomberg, an instant messaging tool commonly called “bloomberg chat,” to view. Review bloomberg chat documents you can review chat documents from instant bloomberg chats and persistent chat rooms chats are also called instant messages an example of a chat document is shown in the following figure. Doj continues to focus on trader talk in bloomberg chat rooms “ it is a fertile area for harmful collusive behavior,” said james cox, a professor at duke university school of law “some people at these banks can see orders flowing in there are others who may seek to use that market intelligence to improve their positions in the secondary or futures markets.

Live stock chat stockrants is a community of daytraders and investors formed during the 2008/2009 stock market crash our aim is to provide a high quality accessible irc based stock chat room, investment forums, and other tools for both novice and professional traders and investors. It offers more features than bloomberg’s chat service, particularly in its chat rooms the most recent of these, launched in january of this year , was the global markets forum, which is run by a handful of reuters editorial staff. This morning, bloomberg released the findings of an internal investigation into conflicts of interest between the news-gathering and terminal sectors of the company, and to its credit, there was. Business with bloomberg bringing you the latest business breaking news, stock prices, interviews with business leaders and more bookmark this page and visit daily for all the news you need to stay on top of what is happening in the business world today.

Catelas ecomms surveillance is the only solution on the market today that has a bloomberg chat room module that allows you to supervise chat rooms, holistically rules can be created that alert compliance to policy breaches around mnpi, ethical barriers or confidentiality. Completely integrated with the bloomberg terminal, our unique chat-parsing technology lets you capture chat text, incorporate crucial deal details and send them directly to your trading platform. Nearly one thousand bloomberg terminal users participating in an anonymous ‘metal and mining’ chat room had their identities unmasked this week when a london investment company (janus henderson) sent out a list of the participants - including names and employers - to people in the chat room. You mean to chat on a bloomberg terminal i don't think it exists i did see a helpdesk chat on their website once, but nothing that lets you communicate with other terminal users.

Why the nsa was unable to hack into the bloomberg chat rooms while savvy tech giants like google and yahoo posed no problem, is a question begging for an answer bookmark the permalink. Matt levine is a bloomberg opinion columnist covering finance he was an editor of dealbreaker, an investment banker at goldman sachs, a mergers and acquisitions lawyer at wachtell, lipton, rosen. Bloomberg’s european offensive, headed by a prominent former member of the european parliament, has raised questions about a feature symphony once billed as “guaranteed data deletion,” in which chat logs are removed from the cloud and archived on its client’s servers, rendering them inaccessible to users — and, potentially, say the.

Bloomburg chat rooms

Citigroup's foreign currency traders will soon stop using a chat-room function on their bloomberg terminals for communication within the bank, and use citi's own internal chat tool instead the. Bloomberg has responded to a clampdown on trader chat rooms by improving tools that allow compliance staff to monitor instant messages the financial data provider, which claims to support over 15 million messages between traders every day, has witnessed a number of banking clients such as barclays. Nearly one thousand bloomberg terminal users participating in an anonymous chat room had their identities unmasked this week when a london investment company sent out a list of the participants. 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 450 instant bloomberg is the chat tool used by most financial institutions worldwide national regulatory bodies require financial institutions to preserve these conversations, making them.

  • 90% of all chat rooms are transient and not named 10% of those are multi-lateral and may involve ethical barrier breaches how do you supervise 200,000 new chat rooms per month learn more.
  • On friday april 17th all bloomberg terminals went down and caught thousands of traders and brokers off guard i'm no expert at all but i try here to explain.
  • Anyone interested in setting up a bloomberg chatroom to exchange news/ideas pm me and do not share here bbg usernames.

Navigating a bloomberg terminal is somewhat different than navigating a normal computer program the primary reason for this is the special bloomberg keyboard that the system uses while the. Similarly, if banks wanted to drive down the cost of bloomberg chat, they also appear to have succeeded the cost of bloomberg is a perennial concern it has 325,000 terminals in use, as estimated by specialist burton-taylor international consulting. Bloomberg live help discontinued posted on april 22, until recently, bloomberg offered a live chat service, which students/staff/faculty could use to chat with a bloomberg representative in real time this live chat service was useful for locating data outside of one’s area of expertise. In both the libor-rigging scandal and the unfolding foreign exchange-fixing investigations, traders’ use of chat rooms seems to have played a key role.

Bloomburg chat rooms
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